Saturday, March 17, 2012

What? Did you say "hearing aide?"

Itchy ears drove me crazy for years, so, finally, I went to a doctor. The nurse tested my hearing and filled in a nice graph with a bold red line plunging downward, and at the bottom of the graph, her note read, "Severe hearing loss on high end."
So I asked the doctor to point out on that graph where a person would need a hearing aide, and he said, "Actually, that's where you are." But, he told me, it's a matter of choice, "Some people don't want to wear one, and other people don't want to miss anything."
For as long as I can remember, my wife accused me of not listening to her whenever I said, "What?" She constantly advised me to clean out my ears while I accused her of mumbling. Now, I'm thinking her voice is on the "high end." Aha! Medical vindication!
I chose not to get a hearing aide because, after all, unless it's a practical matter, at least 70 percent of what people say is merely self-serving, it's boring or it's irrelevant.
Silence can be golden.