Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ax Murderer.

Last summer, my last uncle and godfather, Noel St. Laurent, age 92, was murdered by his adoptive nephew in a New Hampshire driveway as the old man returned from his mailbox. The killing was particularly gruesome because the murderer used an ax to do the job, and he didn't stop swinging after a few chops.
Last week, in a plea deal, the killer was sentenced to 33 years in prison, eligible for parole in 21 years, when he'll be in his mid-sixties. Of course, he is not likely to find a job in the year 2033, so I wonder if he'll be eligible  for Social Security?
I worry.
You know?


  1. What???? This story is gruesome....but what did your uncle do to deserve such an end??? Do you know the whole story?

    1. It is more gruesome that you think. I am a niece of this elderly man. He was not a saint but no matter what he did, unless he also had a hatchet in his hands at the time...which he did not...he did not deserve to die in such a violent manner. I do not believe there is any excuse for MURDER unless your life is threatened and you are fighting back and then, of course, it would be self defense! I am sure the whole story will never be told but this man wanted to live to 100 and I believe he would have but died sooner by the hand of a very disturbed human being! LAM

  2. OK T. St. Laurent...It is difficult to accept that this disturbed person will be out of prison in twenty years. Will he be upset with another person and do the same thing once again? Maybe not with a hatchet this time but violently? I have no doubt that when Glen Rogers gets out of prison in twenty years he will sign up for social security, welfare, food stamps (which he will trade for alcohol) and live off the rest of the world. The only consolation we have is that T. St. Laurent and our cousins who lost their father will probably not be around to have to support him. That would be cruel. However, their children will and thinking about it our family has a history of easily living into their eighties and nineties so T. St. Laurent and I, and our cousins, could very well be sitting in our living room in despair that this man is now free and we are supporting him. I guess I've said my piece for now! I'm not happy about any of this! LAM

  3. Wow, just saw a news report of a man who got 25 years for tax evasion. Words fail me.