Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mumma, Keeper of the Faith.

When you go out to meet the real world and you need strength to face all the tigers and sharks out there, try thinking about the title to that ancient television show from the fifties, "I Remember Mama."

Ma, Mum, Mom--whatever you call her, she was the first one to give you strength. She empowered you with perfect love, love without boundaries, even when you wanted her to shut up and go away, even in the middle of a knock-down family battle.

You could commit murder, and your mother would say you didn't really mean it. She could be wrong, but she doesn't know and never will--not when it comes to you, her baby.

Keep in mind that somewhere out there, even beyond the people you know, you have friends and allies who believe in the dreams you dream, who believe in righteousness, like your mother. The tigers and sharks won't stand a chance.

Because she's unique. She's the Keeper of the Faith.

PHOTO: My mother, Doris, also starring Conrad, my father.


  1. A most perfect picture. She was my best friend, our protector, our mother, my person. She was and will always be by my side unseen except I know she is there. The greatest love in my life. She taught me everything. I miss her always and lost her before her time. LAM

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