Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tom's Election Coloring Book

Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

On November 4th, we'll pick a whole bunch of "leaders." Never mind that most of them will be lame opportunists, looking out for themselves--they DO make a difference, especially for your children and grandchildren. So pick your poison, red or blue, print these maps, get out your crayons, prepare your snacks and watch it on TV. It's more exciting than a Superbowl, if you ask me.

The colored areas on the map represent the places where there are no elections, so the "leaders" in these places will stay in place for at least the next two years. Fill in the blanks on November 4th, red for Republican, blue for Democrats.

For those of you who daydreamed through geography lessons, here's the cheat sheet:

Voting is the best you can do. After that, the best you can do is to have fun with it.

Crayons rule!

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  1. Thanks for the cheat sheet. I'm sorry to admit I need it! LAM