Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah.

This photo was recently posted on Facebook by my niece, Stacie (Murray) Coburn, showing me grabbing her for a kiss at her wedding many years ago. Whenever I was away for a while, I always grabbed Stacie and her sister, Melissa, for a kiss, on the sofa, on the floor or halfway up a stairway, me in aggressive pursuit.

 I love this photo, especially the flying leg--except--Stacie said that I was now too old to do it anymore. I almost posted a response to her, saying, "Oh, yeah? Come here, babe, I'll show you what," but I'm afraid that my back might give out and we would both end up on the floor, me with permanent injuries.

I may just have to look at the photo and remember how I loved those girls.

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