Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Love her.

I"m not a fan of opera because I don't think people should sing dialogue, and,--in fact, in real life--they never do. They rant and they rave and they laugh and they cry, but they never sing. When we sing, we sing emotions in subconscious sounds, all by ourselves, ideally fitting words to our hearts and souls. But never mind the format, listen closely to this orchestra and follow the words of this great voice, singing about love. It's a song sung by King Arthur in the musical, Camelot, in love with Guenevere, after his talk with the wise sorcerer, Merlin. He sings a profound point well made:


I've been in love a few times, and every time, I followed the advice above. It didn't always work out well, but it's probably the best you could do. Maybe the love was extended infatuation, sexual attraction, pathological obsession, or intellectual simpatico, but despite the heartache and the eye-opening crashes, the love itself lingers forever, and--good news--even if you lose, it will happen again.



  1. Hey Tom, A nice collection of positive thought, reflection, seasoned with a few experiences for flavor and maybe a touch of twiterpation. You have come a long way my friend, I am glad the journey has proved worthwhile and continues. TC, B.

  2. I have to get to this blog more often. It gives me insight into someone I know or should know very well. Actually, I do not get surprised often as being around the blogger for SO SO SO many years has proven all my thoughts about him are true...good and bad! Everyone should follow this blog written by an actual writer who never ceases to amaze! Love ya Tom...LAM