Friday, April 27, 2012

Kindle Crazy.

I bought two more books today to add to my reading list on my Kindle, Amazon's amazing e-reader. One of them sounds like a brain-bashing, nostalgic horror story stemming from the narrator's childhood, and the other is a chronicle of Mao Zedong's communist triumph in China (Mao's Great Famine).
I'm partial to history, realism, true crime and politics, not horror fiction--not Stephen King (though King is a master storyteller, horror and otherwise--a literary phenomenon who could write anything and make it stick. See The Shawshank Redemption).
My friend BG has invested a small fortune in Kindle books. He will probably never catch up on his reading, though he's a compulsive intellectual investigator. No matter what happens, he considers his Kindle library a perpetual comfort, a hundred and fifty books ahead of himself.
Trouble for me is, my TBR  (To Be Read) list may be exceeding my TLTL (Time Left To Live)--which is okay.
At least, I'll die happy.
Here's Burgess Meredith at the end of an episode of The Twilight Zone, after the end of the world, then, at the end of his own world.


  1. Mom has read over 200 books on her of her first purchases..."Deja Vu in a Dream." She also has "Three Dead Ducks". I laughed till I cried reading "Deja Vu in a Dream". It helps to know the characters.

  2. Make that 175 on my to be read list. Plus some I want to reread.

    I think we look at this differently, Tom. You worry about getting to read all your books; I worry about running out. Now I do realize that I will never get to read every book that I want to even though I am relatively young (41). Still, I can try, right? Back when I had to lug my lazy ass to the bookstore I would frequently just settle on something because I NEEDED a book to read. Now I have an embarrassment of reading riches. Not only that, I have them on me at all times thanks to my Kindle and the Kindle for iPhone app. It is a great time to be a bibliophile.

  3. Make books your companions;
    let bookcases and shelves
    be your pleasure gardens and orchards.
    Bask in their paradise, gather their fruit,
    pluck their roses, take their spices and their myrrh.

    —Judah Ibn Tibbon

    1. Works for me, not only for imagination and knowledge but even as the garden of wisdom. Books plus experience leads to the enlightenment of wise men. Glory be the light. Thanks for the quotation.
      Sometimes worse than a lazy ass is a forgetful ass, as when it gets trapped in a bathroom without a book. Want to know the ingredients in shampoo? I know them because I've read them many times.

    2. lol. I used to have that problem. Not anymore though since I always have my phone with the kindle app with me.

      Prekindle, I used to keep a table in there with books and magazines. hehe