Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gallery: Fighter Approach.

Oil painting, 18" x 24" on canvas, based on a photograph I took in 1968 of an F-4 Phantom fighter landing on an aircraft carrier. The image is only slightly distorted by my amateur photography; the horizon line was deliberately tilted in the original painting in an attempt to convey a feeling of sailing on a slightly rolling sea. The "yellow-shirt" men on deck are maintenance personnel or "plane captains" who are in charge of moving the aircraft on the ground. I added one "green-shirt" intruder to represent myself, an electronics guy who would not normally be authorized to appear so far aft on the deck.
                                                                                    by T. St. Laurent.-
P.S. It looks much better in real life.


  1. There is so much I don't know about my cousin. I find this picture of interest because my son Brian was also in the navy on the USS Enterprise as an "electronics guy". We thought it was quite a coincidence that an avid "Star Trek" fan ended up on the Enterprise. DLP

    1. What ship were you on?

    2. That's funny, that you had an Enterprise adventurer. I was on four different WWII-class ships, Oriskany, Hancock, two I can't remember, and one post-war ship, the USS Constitution, as an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT).

    3. My son was also an AT and his favorite class in high school was "Theater Arts". He was behind the scenes...lights, curtain etc. It was a money making job for him as a teen but he went to computers after the Navy. Building and repairing, not programming. I know there is an official title for that but I never can remember what it is! DLP