Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Here's the mural in my sister Loretta's dining room, by T. St. Laurent, 8' x 10', painted on textured wallpaper. When I dipped my brush into yellow paint, Loretta gave me my only instruction: "No yellow!"
That's okay, it worked out fine. Now, there's a side table three feet high standing in front of it.
That's okay, too. When you have worked in the theater for many years, you understand that the backdrop is less important than the props and the actors in front of it. It's the setting and ambiance which count.
Works for me.


  1. OK I promise to check this blog more often as of today! As for my mural...the reason I have a table in front of it is so that it does not get ruined. I treasure it more than you can know as well as the mural in my bedroom. I wake up each morning to a scene from a Newfoundland vacation which is a treasured, wonderful memory that I relive each day because my brother is an amazing artist! LAM